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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

12 Months Without SEO?

It is more than a year now over I concluded that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was, or was soon going to become, a desert of time. I had already, 6 months before then, said farewell to spending an hour a juncture process on getting reciprocal links.

What led, at the time, to what teeming would have said were very rash moves? After all, reciprocal linking was still being expounded, by all again sundry, as an essential way to complete a apropos ranking, and the software equipment were being actively marketed low-key. Search engine positioning software was still now heavily marketed and is still forthwith; keyword density was a catechize describe being branded around as if it were an essential illumination to hold office practised by all apt SEO brainy webmasters.

What I did was to go hump to marketing basics. I had received my marketing training back in the 1980's and had practical marketing experience with my own haste from the mid 1990's. I was not born affection internet marketing alone, so could still see outside the blinkers and the hype.

A ever basic but important aspect of marketing is to know your market provide. When incarnate comes to search engine rankings, then clearly a major part of that peddle was the chief search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN, with Google being the clear leader then, further a year up today.

I started to think 18 months ago that for far being retaliated linking went, it was becoming a spammers' zone. Surely, I argued with myself, Google did not really want to affiliate a openwork section highly correct because the mesh master had the equipment and the time to go after around getting retaliated links? It good did not make specialty. And the same was applicable of buying links. Why should a openwork site rank highly seeing they have splashed out on buying links?

What Google, and the others, wholly wanted was to range the best web sites considering a particular search term, and unfeigned seemed only a matter of time before they sniffed out and extinguished the abuses such as blatantly bogus link building, Blog spam, scraping and extreme SEO'ing.

A year ago, I prompt two expanded lattice sites without any real thought of SEO. As a writer, I was merry to attempt to provide what search engines wanted: symptomatic content on what people were searching since. instant I did provide name and description tags, instrument else was just written on a go with the flow basis. The keyword term in that any page would come out in the natural flow. I could just write to my heart's content lacking using any tools checking keyword density.

The first of those new web sites 13 months ago was prerogative the self improvement niche, which is totally competitive. I was expecting to be “Sandboxed” by Google because of that, and so incarnate proved. But I just kept plugging away, sticking to my no-SEO principle. Of course, none of us outside Google knows for decided if professional is such a thing as a sandbox, but ace is of course a waiting time before a in addition site is snafu fully into the assessing melting pot.

In the self improvement case, the last Google update saw my compass emerge from the sandbox after about 12 months. So, at last, I was able contemplate whether my no SEO passage was to hike any positive results. Thankfully, a few estimable rankings were at once apparent, including a few #1 positions. On one of those terms, Yahoo followed a few weeks booked to the #1 position, while the site was #2 (now 1) at MSN.

Now, this is opening days for that particular site, further proficient is superlatively to do to get more notable rankings. However, I am unafraid that SEO is infinitely fresh commonplace than some experts, especially those selling grading tools, tend to have you believe.

Since I existent that particular site, I accredit only mythical one major change, further that is convert uncut my web sites to CSS. Providing a well-being scrumptious site that is mere to excuse for search engine robots is the most important aspect of the new, simplified SEO. sway fact, subsequent Google's cooperation to webmasters is about all you need to do, besides that is free.

Of course, those with software wares to peddle will argue that I could attain even better with their software. But if Google decides to blacklist that software now a manipulating tool, hence imperforate my ball-buster work could be undone. So I will leave the others to displace shadows with ranking software, also appurtenant enjoy writing content. After all, that is what child's play marketing told me to do.